About The Publisher: NaTyshca Pickett

My publication will serve as a resource and tool guide, helping you and your family with finding your next adventure in the Goodyear and surrounding areas. Whether you're looking for things to do over the weekend or something during the week to keep your little ones occupied, you can find that and more here. 

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A Little About Me

I've been in Arizona for 17 years, where I met my husband. We have two sons and we love everything this state has to offer. 

I'm a former teacher and currently work full time as a journalist mentoring the next generation of content creators and journalists, helping them tell the stories that matter to their generation and communities. 

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Please feel free to connect with me if you have any questions, want to showcase your business or to just say hello! I can be reached at natyshcap@macaronikid.com.

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