Ways Your Family can Celebrate Black History Month

Black History Month is February 1 - February 29

By NaTyshca Pickett publisher Macaroni KID Goodyear, AZ February 10, 2024

Celebrating Black History Month as a family can be a meaningful and educational experience. Here are some ideas for how families can celebrate:

Learn Together:

  • Read books, watch documentaries, or explore online resources about significant figures and events in Black history. Choose materials appropriate for different age groups within your family.
  • Discuss what you've learned and encourage open conversations about the impact of these historical events on society.

Visit Museums and Exhibits:

  • Take a trip to local museums or exhibits that focus on Black history. Many museums host special events or exhibitions during Black History Month.

Watch Movies and Documentaries:

  • Enjoy films and documentaries that highlight the achievements and struggles of the Black community. Choose age-appropriate content and engage in discussions afterward.

Cook and Share:

  • Explore African and African American cuisine together. Cook traditional dishes as a family and share the experience of trying new flavors and learning about the cultural significance of certain foods.

Attend Local Events:

  • Check for community events, lectures, and performances happening during Black History Month. Attend local celebrations to connect with your community and learn more about the contributions of Black individuals.

Create Art and Crafts:

  • Engage in art projects that celebrate Black culture. Create paintings, drawings, or crafts that represent influential figures or events in Black history.

Read Literature by Black Authors:

  • Read books written by Black authors, including children's books for younger family members. Discuss the stories and themes together.

Explore Music:

  • Introduce your family to the rich history of Black music. Listen to different genres, from jazz and blues to hip-hop and R&B. Learn about influential Black musicians and their impact on the music industry.

Support Black-Owned Businesses:

  • Take a family trip to local Black-owned businesses, such as restaurants, bookstores, or shops. Supporting these businesses is a tangible way to contribute to the community.

Volunteer Together:

  • Participate in volunteer activities that address social issues affecting the Black community. This could include volunteering at local community centers, food banks, or organizations that focus on education and empowerment.

Reflect on Current Events:

  • Use Black History Month as an opportunity to discuss current social issues and events that affect the Black community. Encourage empathy, understanding, and a commitment to positive change.

Remember to tailor these activities to the interests and ages of your family members to make the experience engaging and enjoyable for everyone.